MNSTR Gallery is a shared idea, an artist driven collaboration, and most importantly MNSTR is how we think art should be produced and shared. MR/MRS MNSTR, aka B e n and O l i, are the creative duo behind MNSTR (pronounced Monster). Photography, Animation, Graphic Design, Screen printing, VFX, Marketing and Curation.  MNSTR Gallery is the creative sum of us, a multi functioning artistic space accommodating production and exhibition of local + international artists, collaborative, group and individual productions.  We were once situated in a Mezzanine loft located in Mount Pleasant, our home was divided in half with the front of the space as our creative studio and the rest for living. We have since moved on from this space and won't be hosting exhibitions in a physical space until the pandemic has simmered down, we are just doing things virtual at the moment and staying healthy.


These years of experience as creative professionals have helped shape the way we see art, its moulded our opinion of how art and making art can and should be enjoyed. We believe good art can be accessible and affordable, we appreciate new artists who bring their own understanding of culture and dedication to craftsmanship and who need an avenue to share their work. Collectively having lived and worked in Jakarta, Kansas, Auckland, Sydney, and Singapore now bring their enthusiasm & knowledge to Vancouver, Canada.  


What's behind the name? This is our little monster that we have created together, our biggest collaborative project to date. ‘Gallery’ is an interpretation on how we want to share our work.  We look forward to sharing our kind of aesthetic here. MNSTR is an Artist Run Initiative.

We like: Street art, graffiti art, pop art, narrative driven social commentary, conceptual photography, illustration, printmaking, tattoo art, and design. We like discovering fresh art + styles + all sorts of artists that love to create. We love to connect with creatives.... Just hit us up!