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#GraphicallySpeaking_ is a photography & illustration collaborative project between Photographer, OSG & a curated group of Vancouver based visual artists of different creative styles. The project aim is to showcase both the artistic style of each individual and their portraits in one image. Each artist is limited to using a monochromatic colour, and by using their own portraits as a canvas, we will get an insight into the personalities behind the artwork. The original series started in 2014 in collaboration with 12 Singapore based Artists encouraging each of them to express their visuals freely on their canvases and by hand.In 2018, 15 Vancouver based Artists with diverse artistic backgrounds collaborated for the latest installment of the series

​This project aims to experiment with and expand on the traditional ideas of portraiture. To bridge the gaps between different creative fields through collaboration, and to encourage social interactions between creatives. "It’s challenging to push the boundaries of portraiture, intimacy and honesty are elements that I always strive for. By engaging artists to interactively collaborate through an analogue medium on their own portraits, I hope to expand the relationship between the viewer and the subject by giving insight into their creative psyche. Planned to be an ongoing global project with different artists and in different cities." -  OSG (Photographer + Curator).   See the artworks documented and click on an artist for the full piece.

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