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Olivia Sari-Goerlach is a Photographer with a passion for capturing images, she specializes in portraiture, documentary and food photography along with food styling. Having a background in graphic design and photojournalism, it has influenced her photographic aesthetic, She started out her career in 2010 working for an established portraiture studio in Sydney where she fell in love with portraiture. Based in Singapore since 2011, she continues to practice her photography, taking on interesting projects and with a keen interest in collaborating with other creatives. She was the Canon Pixma ambassador for Singapore in a Canon Asia campaign between 2014 - 2015 highlighting her focus in food photography. OSG works on both a commercial and personal level in her photography. She is the Creative Director at MNSTR along with her partner, Beng. Collaborating in projects together and planning out exhibitions for their artworks and others. See her ongoing photography + illustration project where she collaborated with visual artists to create their art onto their printed portrait. Click below to see the #graphicallyspeaking_ Vancity series


To see the previous  installment  with  Singapore  based  artists, see it here on:  www.osg.photography/gssg


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